A Fancy Diagram of the Theater showing elevations, steps, handicap entrance, and other amenities.

Handicap Access

Our theater is on the second floor but we do have an elevator that can transport you directly to the theater upstairs.  Once at the theater level, there’s no need to go downstairs again until you leave.

If you need seats with no steps to access them, please be sure to get your tickets early to ensure you get front row or end or row seating.  We will work with you best we can.

Snacks & Drinks

We have a cash-bar in the theater’s lounge where you can purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  We also offer candies and chips for snacking.

You are able to take your drinks and snacks into the theater to enjoy while you watch the show.  Oh, also really neat, if you are coming to the show from McCoole’s restaurant next door, you can bring your drinks from the bar there, into the theater.

Meals at McCoole’s

McCoole’s is also a restaurant and tavern.  In the historic building next door to the theater is McCoole’s Red Lion Inn where you can have a meal when you come to see a show.  Meals are not included in your ticket price.

If you plan to have a meal on show-day, we recommend you call ahead as soon as you get your tickets, to make a reservation as they fill up when we do a show.  Their number is 215-538-1776.

Actor's View - Stage Left

Actor's View - Stage Right

Actor's View - Stage Front

The Mezzanine

View from the Mezzanine