An Unique Theatrical Experience

GYPSY STAGE COMPANY is built as an “ensemble theatre company”.  You may have heard the phrase, “A theatre is a temple”.  And, where that is very true, a theatre company developed as “ensemble” is built around creating a close knit group of serious, professional artists that work together continually, getting to know one another’s skill levels so well that they work as one body for the collective good of all.  As a result, the caliber of the performance that is able to be presented is seamlessly unique and downright magical.

Where We Perform

The 200 seat theatre venue at McCOOLE’S ARTS AND EVENTS PLACE, in Quakertown, PA is where we make our home.  But, in addition to performing at McCOOLE’S… WE ALSO TRAVEL! Our sets are built to travel and can easily be performed at other theatres or venues.

What We Perform

We perform the amazing written works of SAPPERSTEIN AND MURWAY as well as an array of different custom performances in the art of comedy, cabaret, murder mysteries and more.  In other words…  You just never know what we’re apt to do.  (That’s the fun of it!)… Any requests?

Groups, Clubs & Private Parties

Group prices for our shows are available with the purchase of 10 or more tickets.  BUT!…  MORE THAN THAT!… Businesses, clubs, organizations, or private parties can hold meetings and provide great entertainment at McCOOLE’S or the venue of your choice

Love & Merger … a play of the scandalous type

The town of Regal South Carolina is going bankrupt! Suddenly, the town founder dies of old age and leaves his sizable estate to the town for its future security. The greedy Town Council members set out to line their own pockets while thinking they’re hiding their activities from the town.  Will the town figure it out? Will the council go to jail? Who will be falling in love?

​It’s a wild ride as Regal South Carolina finds its way from obscurity to security in this funny, witty and warm comedy by local playwrights, Judith Sapperstein ​& Gary Murway.

NORA SWAN: Murder Most Personal

World War II shattered countless lives in countless ways. Most on the battlefield, but then there were the invisible ones… those who had to do the covert work in order to unearth the secrets. Richard Swan was one of those. He was murdered in what was set to look like a car accident, in order to keep him from revealing one of those secrets. His wife, Nora, was in the car with him. Nora survived, but was left blind as a result.

Our story opens in 1951 as Richard’s friend Dempsey informs Nora that she is, in fact, still a target and he’s narrowed it down to where he’s certain her enemy is actually one of her closest friends… BUT, WHO?


Women are from Venus … Men are from Uranus

We’ve finally figured out how man and woman were created!!!

It all happened in a petri dish at the “Genome Organization Department” (GOD). You see… “The Boss” assigned two rather unorthodox “lab techs” the task of overseeing the experiment but, when they weren’t looking, it split into two components and now they’re both needed in order to follow the experiment through. (The introduction is one thing but, wait ‘til you see the birthing scene) A FUNNY LOOK AT THE HUMAN ANIMAL!




Everett Hammond passes away, a very wealthy man, in possession of the family’s ancestral home… Willowmere! He leaves the entire estate to his niece, Violet and two nephews, Wesley and Edmund. Their intent is to quickly sell everything but, the Will states that they may not sell Willowmere until they read the diary of their ancestor who built it. They are drawn into a story filled with treasure, death and the American Revolution. And, reaching the Journal’s climax, they witness for themselves the collision of past and present when the spirit of their founder’s child appears and all they can do is watch in total disbelief.



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