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CHASING SANTA, A Christmas Musical

CHASE STORYMAN has dreamed of meeting SANTA since he was a little boy and now that he’s an anchorman for YMI NEWS he lands an exclusive interview at the North Pole with SANTA himself.

But, his co-anchor, LILAC HELLOWITZ won’t stand for CHASE being able to get the interview of the century on his own.  She insists on going with him.  Only problem?…  LILAC is Jewish and really doesn’t get the whole “Christmas” thing.

When they finally arrive at SANTA’S WORKSHOP, CHASE suddenly realizes he has a sort of a problem.  He has developed a thing called “Santa on a Pedestal Syndrome” which means that every time he catches site of SANTA, he hyperventilates and passes out.  Not the best thing for conducting interviews.

But remember… SANTA can solve anything because, after all, he is SANTA!  Join Santa, Mrs. Claus, Dasher, Prancer, Chase and Lilac for this hilarious trip to the North Pole.




Well, burying him once just wasn’t enough, it seems all of you wish to go through it again so … being the crazy and wild gang we are, we just had to comply!

The delightful and mischievous Paddy O’Toole has passed away and all his friends have gathered to say their last good-byes. Things start rather normally until suddenly the ghost of Paddy O’Toole appears to participate in his own wake. It seems there is a delay in processing … up there … and he is in a holding pattern before he is able to go to the great beyond, so he thought he might as well see what everyone has to say about him while he’s waiting.

At first everyone’s all freaked out but soon the real fun ensues when the memories come tumbling forth and the fighting begins. All through it, Paddy is ever the playful instigator causing every bit of trouble as he did when he was alive. It’s a heartfelt journey with a lot of laughs! And a real display of what it is to be Irish!


…BUT… You can probably guarantee we’ll be there the weekend OF St. Paddy’s Day 😉


March 13, 14, 20 & 21 at 7:30pm AND March 15 & 22 at 2:00pm

Dates soon to be announced for 2020 season!

An Unique Theatrical Experience

GYPSY STAGE COMPANY is built as an “ensemble theatre company”.  You may have heard the phrase, “A theatre is a temple”.  And, where that is very true, a theatre company developed as “ensemble” is built around creating a close knit group of serious, professional artists that work together continually, getting to know one another’s skill levels so well that they work as one body for the collective good of all.  As a result, the caliber of the performance that is able to be presented is seamlessly unique and downright magical.

Where We Perform

The 200 seat theatre venue at McCOOLE’S ARTS AND EVENTS PLACE, in Quakertown, PA is where we make our home.  But, in addition to performing at McCOOLE’S… WE ALSO TRAVEL! Our sets are built to travel and can easily be performed at other theatres or venues.

What We Perform

We perform the amazing written works of SAPPERSTEIN AND MURWAY as well as an array of different custom performances in the art of comedy, cabaret, murder mysteries and more.  In other words…  You just never know what we’re apt to do.  (That’s the fun of it!)… Any requests?

Groups, Clubs & Private Parties

Group prices for our shows are available with the purchase of 10 or more tickets.  BUT!…  MORE THAN THAT!… Businesses, clubs, organizations, or private parties can hold meetings and provide great entertainment at McCOOLE’S or the venue of your choice


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