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Discover a captivating tale of the past intertwining with the lives of a family in the 1950s in this Supernatural Drama. Immerse yourself in an unspeakable death from the Revolutionary War that alters the future of a family 200 years later. Unthinkable! This gripping production will leave you spellbound as you witness the profound impact of history on the lives of those in the present. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with drama, passion, and the magic of live theater.


Performed live on stage, Unthinkable features a talented cast delivering a powerful performance.

In order of appearance:

  • Ida Mae played by Judi Lerhaupt
  • Violet Hammond-Beauchamp played by Meg Arbo
  • Bernard Beauchamp played by Vincent Pileggi
  • Louisa Hammond played by Jodi Seymour
  • Wesley Hammond played by John P. Coulter
  • Edmond Hammond played by John Robert Smith
  • Celia Hammond played by Tracy Renee Byrne
  • Carson Underhill Esquire played by Gorman Ruggiero
  • The Ghost of Eve played by Melania Zalinsky

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