How The Heck Did This Happen?

A funny thing happened on the way to the theater… One day, a dear friend of playwrights Judith Sapperstein and Gary Murway contacted them and said something to the tune of … “I’d love to take your work, ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Uranus’ to the Liverpool International Theatre Festival in 2016, but it’s too long and I’d need to get a theatre group who is able to travel to perform it.”

Well, for anyone who knows Judith at all, they would know that those ‘little things’ wouldn’t hold her back and so she made a version of “Venus” that was 60 minutes long and funded the creation of a group that they named, “Gypsy Stage Company” as it was traveling to Liverpool.

And so … the newly fledged “Gypsy Stage Company” rehearsed their little hearts out, pulled together a fabulous set that was created to travel well and set off on their trek across the land to the amazing Liverpool Nova Scotia where they competed against theatrical groups from all around the world.  Low-and-behold,WE WON! Congratulations one and all!

Our “local” beginning (local to Judie and Gary in Doylestown PA) happened in January of 2018. Since our start, we have filled our ranks with world-traveled and award-winning actors, singers, voice-over artists, magicians and all-around great performance talent and kicked off our first season with a performance of Love and Merger (also by Judith Sapperstein & Gary Murway). The show got rave reviews.


Be sure to check out our full schedule on our website and, if you have a venue, event, even a business wanting entertainment for a corporate event, we travel light, keep things clean and make people laugh and cry with gusto! Give us a call today, won’t you?

It Would Be A Crime…

. . . to miss a single show!  Our actors are professionals, the plays we perform are well written and enthralling, and our performance space creates a fabulous relationship between story-tellers (the actors) and our audience.

We can’t wait to see you at the theatre!