In 2019, we had the distinct honor of performing a Powerful Drama
by Judith Sapperstein & Gary Murway called, UNTHINKABLE!.


UNTHINKABLE! is the story of a family with a history steeped in the
fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance
of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and
where they came from…No matter how UNTHINKABLE it may be!




The Cast


The Ghost of Eve

Melania (12) is an accredited child actress, singer, dancer & musician.  Melania has appeared in numerous television shows which include The Blacklist, Odd Mom Out, Divorce, The Last OG, Impractical Jokers, A Crime to Remember, & Gotham. 


Edmund Hammond

Johnny is an accomplished actor, improv comedian, film director and writer.  He has performed with multiple theatrical groups, some of his highlights include playing Lucienne Hominedes de Istangua
in “A Flea In Her Ear”.


Celia Hammond

Tracy is an accomplished voice-over actor having performed in radio-format shows, radio commercials & online web series.  A Graphic Artist & Media Specialist, Tracy’s performing skills include acting, singing and a good sense of comedic timing.


Violet Hammond-Beauchamp

An award-winning actor and director, Meg Arbo has been performing for over 20 years internationally and domestically. Over the last 5 years she has primarily concentrated on voice over and was once on Who Wants to be A Millionaire?  


Wesley Hammond

John enjoys being a multifaceted entertainer. As well as an actor and stand-up comic, and is currently experimenting with singing.  A talented improv comic and trivia host, John is passionate about his role as Brand Ambassador for the Gypsies.


Louisa Hammond

Jody has been performing in regional independent films for the last 15 years & won the best actress award at the Delaware Valley Film Festival for her role in ‘Always Will’. She recently played Talia Bennet in ‘Drown the Clown’. 


Bernard Beauchamp

Vincent was trained at The Walnut Street Theater & has film IMDB credit as Jack in Pandora’s Box, playing opposite Joe Mantegna & Frances Fisher & has appeared in local commercials as well as NYC with the Mets & Yankees. Emmy award winning.


Mr. Carson Underhill, Esq.

He has recently appeared on American Television’s Hit Shows Impractical Jokers, Mysteries in the Museum, Discovery Channel programming, & in National Commercials on ESPN, & recently in Time Magazine Productions as Paolo Gucci. 


Ida Mae

Judi  has acted, danced, directed, choreographed and taught theatre classes over many years. She ran a drama school for many years and worked at Bristol Riverside Theater as the assistant to the Artistic Director and Voice Coach.

The Story…

It’s July 31st, 1953 and, at the age of 85, Everett Hammond passes away. He dies a very wealthy man, in possession of the family’s ancestral home… Willowmere!

Having no children of his own, he leaves his entire estate to his niece, Violet and two nephews, Wesley and Edmund. With no particular interest in the property, their intent is to quickly sell off everything so they can take their new found fortunes and get back to their lives.

But, Uncle Everett has other plans. When the Will is read, they learn they will get nothing until certain terms are met. Most importantly, they may not sell Willowmere until they have a reading of the diary of their ancestor, Phillip Zachary Hammond, who built the Plantation in 1761.


And so they concede! As they delve into its words, they are drawn into the story of his life, filled with treasure, death and the American Revolution. They become fascinated with how the family managed to survive through it all. But, what intrigues them most is the common thread of the life and early death of Phillip’s daughter, Eve. And when they finally discover the gruesome way this innocent young girl died, they become consumed with grief and outrage over her loss.

Reaching the Journal’s climax on the anniversary of Eve’s death, they witness for themselves the collision of past and present when the spirit of Eve appears to all. The chilling events that follow drive Edmund’s wife, Celia, into a rage and all they can do is watch in total disbelief.

This is a story of a family with a history steeped in the fire of war and the heartache of loss as they discover the importance of learning who they are by coming to know and understand who and where they came from… no matter how UNTHINKABLE it may be.

UNTHINKABLE 2019 Program given out at the show…

What Happend to the Name of this Play?

No, you’re not going crazy!  if you went to the show in 2019, OR you see in the printed program above, prior to 2020, this show had a different name.

SO … what the heck happened?

Well, the short answer is, “gotta love the internet lol.”  Turns out, their’s a Youtuber with the same name as the original name of this show, who was super huge, to the tune of in excess of 15 million children internationally.

When our show’s Eentbrite Ticketing page went live, and google grabbed it, it became the answer to the question asked by 15 million children and their parents world-wide, “what is Unsp—ble’s phone number?”

Of course, being our ticketing page, our box office phone number was listed on the page.  By Spring of 2020, during the early days of the pandemic shut-in, when all phone lines are forwarding to our homes, 15 million children from around the world began calling us … at all hours of the day and night.  It never stopped!  I mean … NEVER lol.

Have you any idea how tenacious children can be???

So, as our owners are also the playwrights of this show, after we changed our phone number of 11+ years, we thought it best to rename the show so that when other theater’s license this play, they do not have the same problem.

And so my dear readers … this is the mystery of the ghostly name change.