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After seeing our work in another location, Jan Hench, owner of MCCOOLE’S ARTS AND EVENTS PLACE in asked us to make her beautiful 200 seat theatre our home, and we LOVE it!

This location boasts of being a part of MCCOOLE’S HISTORIC RED LION INN, located at the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street in Quakertown, PA.  The Inn originally opened in 1750 under the ownership of Walter McCoole and was known as McCoole’s Tavern during the Revolutionary War Period, The tavern’s name was changed to the Red Lion Hotel in 1793.

And, right next to the Inn is MCCOOLE’S ARTS AND EVENTS PLACE, housing the theatre and event/catering rooms.   This building dates back to the early 1800’s when it was used as a livery stable for the inn.  

MCCOOLE’S has renovated the two intimate event rooms on the first floor with a historic ambience that has to be seen to really be appreciated. Seating in the first area accommodates 50 people comfortably, the second room another 60+ and together both rooms can easily accommodate 110 people.

The second floor is where the 200 seat theatre is located and where GYPSY STAGE COMPANY is now performing.  And we are so excited about it.


We’re called “GYPSIES” for a reason!  We’re structured to be able to move our productions to other theatres and venues that are looking to be able to offer exciting entertainment to the public as well as private groups, businesses, clubs, or private parties. 

We can bring you the performances you see on our home stage or, depending on your needs and room sizes, we can offer smaller cast shows as well.  We are constantly continuing to develop different forms of entertainment and we’ve even been known to customize a performance to fit a special request.  

CALL US AT (215) 345-5550  We’d be happy to sit and chat about what you’re looking for.


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