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Intimate Space

The closeness to our audiences here at McCoole’s, creates a very special environment in which to perform.  The energy in the room is palapable between actor and audience and everyone feels emmersed in what’s going on on-stage.

McCoole’s is a 200 seat theater with thrust stage but set up in a way that there is not a bad seat in the house!  From every view, you are up close and personal and no one in front of you is blocking your view!  You really feel a part of the action!

The Restaurant

McCoole’s Red Lion Inn is a warm and inviting restaurant with a world-class menu that will leave you very happy.  Be sure to call ahead and make reservations for dinner before a show.  You won’t regret it!

Comfortable Lobby Area

The theatre lobby and box office area is very comfortable and provides a well staffed McCoole’s bar.  After the shows, our cast comes out to meet and greet and talk to our audiences.  Those relationships are very important to us!

Banquet Hall

Downstairs from the theater is a 100 seat banquet hall, more of an intimate club-house really, where before Saturday and Sunday shows now, McCoole’s serves a buffet meal you can purchase with your ticket.

Fabulous Location & History

McCoole’s is an Inn/Restaurant as well as the Theatre with Banquet Hall.  The buildings were originally built before our country was formed.  The restaurant is the original Inn while the Theater was once the carriage house for the Inn.  Located just a hop-skip and a jump from Route 309 and on the corner of Main and Broad (Broad also being Route 313), it’s a mighty convenient place to find.

It Would Be A Crime…

. . . to miss a single show!  Our actors are professionals, the plays we perform are well written and enthralling, and our performance space creates a fabulous relationship between story-tellers (the actors) and our audience.

We can’t wait to see you at the theatre!


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