Love & Merger Prop List


Coaster w/Gavel Ruth Yes

Ethan’s Hard Briefcase Evan Yes
Jake’s Accordion Folder Jay Yes
Daisy’s Carpet Bag Mag Yes
Renee’s Briefcase Tracy Yes
Hannah’s Carrying Bag GSC Yes
“Brick” Phone Bought Yes
Large Calculator w/tape Bought Yes
Pocket Calculator GSC Yes

Legal Papers bound in blue (for sale of the Spa/Hotel) Tracy Yes
7 Financial Reports for Jake Tracy Yes
7 Business Plans for Masoud Tracy Yes
Red 20% Off signs for inside Masoud’s Jacket Tracy Yes
Legal Papers bound in blue (Misc?) Tracy Yes
Receipts in Various shapes, sizes, colors (for each cast member) Tracy Not Yet
Cook Books (Daisy) – 1 in hand, 6 for giveaways, LOTS for sale Tracy Not Yet
CLOSED MEETING TONIGHT on poster board Tracy Yes
OPEN MEETING TONIGHT on poster board Tracy Yes

Tupperware container w/cookies GSC Yes
Carafe GSC Yes
Creamer, sugar, cups GSC Yes
Stirrers, napkins, cookie plate GSC Yes

White Board w/easel GSC Yes
Markers, eraser GSC Yes

Fabric/paint/wallpaper samples GSC Yes
Rolls of building plans GSC Yes
Really sexy red lacy bra Jud/Tra Not Yet
Whistle for Jeff Ruth Yes

Large engagement ring Bought Yes
Flowers and vases for wedding GSC Yes
Tissue Bells, crepe paper, tape GSC Yes
3 hand held floral bouquets Bought Yes

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